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What a fabulous afternoon spent with the Family Bloomberg!

I take for granted how far people travel to spend even a little time in this place we call home.  This crew travelled from as far away as Chicago, California and Israel to spend time together in our natural wonderland… and I was honoured to have been given the opportunity to document it!

A gorgeous family on a truly gorgeous day this past summer… family portrait photography love!

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Beautiful, beautiful!  Just a little sneak peek at Lana and Spencer’s wedding on and around Windermere Golf Course.  Hot and sunny, the day really was a perfect one!

It’s fun when I get to cross paths with a family I knew pretty much a lifetime ago… when young Lana was but a toddler, and I worked at her family golf course making sandwiches!

Such a wonderfully easy-going couple, Lana and Spencer.  Really so lovely, and Lana… just gorgeous, no?!  I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of their day.

Thanks so much, you two.  I wish you all the very, very best as you move forward as married couple!



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tracy connery maternity, family, portrait photography

tracy connery maternity photographer

How beautiful is this family?!  OMG… Bridget and Justin are expecting bundle #3 literally, next week.  Talk about wearing babies well… the way Bridget could swing her other two little ‘uns, Oakley and Kennedy, around you honestly would never know she was only a few weeks from having another.

It was a beautiful evening of maternity photography… maternity with family photography, that is!  We had sun.  We had rain.  All of it adding up to a perfect evening to shoot.  Oh… and happy, cooperative kids!  It couldn’t be better!

I am so looking forward to working with this lovely gang again in the next couple of weeks and I can’t wait to see who will arrive.

Congratulations in advance family… I’m so excited to see you all again very soon!


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tracy connery - family portrait photography

A perfectly lovely family portrait photography session along Sinclair Creek with the Herbach family while on their family vacation.  Raiden and Zophia are ADORABLE!!  Between his beautiful candy floss hair and her sparkly eyes, and the energy… omg! The energy!  It was so much fun!  With my crew of tween/teens it’s easy for me to forget how spontaneous and uninhibited is the spirit of kids Raiden and Zophia’s age.  I do miss it so….

That’s why I love my job.  I get to enjoy a wonderful reminder in the form of my clients!  Until grandchildren….

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tracy connery engagement photography- lana and spencer

How beautiful are Lana and Spencer??  I am so pleased and excited to be shooting their wedding at Windermere Valley Golf Course very soon and know that it’s going to be another great day with them.

What a morning along Dutch Creek- so stunning!  I had to start on the river as it was just so perfect… before the sun got too high as to blow everything out completely.  Then off to some magical shade to finish off our morning of engagement photography.  A perfect valley morning, for sure!

So looking forward to next weekend, you too!

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