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{thoughts} inspiring comparisons… my immediate family.

I recently enjoyed one of the best compliments… EVER!  Some of my work was recently compared to the entirely incomparable Sally Mann.  I will accept the compliment heartily, enthusiastically, with immense gratitude… and knowing that, as I said, there really is NO comparison to the singular and remarkable, if controversial, Sally Mann. I came to…

{specials!} happy new year offers!

Happy New Year!  To mark 2010, I thought, here on this fair Saturday morning so very early into this fine new decade… what better way to ring things in than to offer some dead-of-winter specials! So, without further ado… ~Families! Book your sitting before the end of January receive 10% off and $30 in free…


{mine} first skate!

Chilly, chilly, chilly… but SO beautiful!  And hubby’s birthday.  Traditionally on this special day we head up to the hill, but for some reason, the birthday boy wanted to head out on the ice.  Closer to home.  In fact, practically in our very backyard. A perfect skating day… and happily the boys launched onto the…

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  • Stephanie Ostermann - Hi Tracy! I thought I would poke my head out of lurking to say you have a gorgeous family, and these are some lovely shots. They make me miss the mountains.

{portraits} the krenzler family: fairmont hot springs

The Krenzler family was darned lucky, I tell you!  Within hours of our shoot this past Monday the weather started to warm up and our once adequate layer of snow began to melt.  Great for snowballs, snowmen and getting soggy, but not for much else. But anywhooo… thankfully, the weather was warm-ish, if it weren’t…

  • Lynette Butcher - We absolutely love these photos. The ones of Brown and Tanner are excellent and we really love the ones of our little Sophia too. 🙂 Thank you so much.

  • Karen Krenzler - pics are fantastic. thankyou Tracy

    Karen K

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