Taking advantage of the glorious September weather I stepped out early morning with the McCormack family.  Trying to take care of all kinds of things before she heads off to culinary school for the next several months, Lara made sure to get this shoot in so as to have new photos to take with her….  All the way to Ireland!

After adorable Emma greeted me eagerly at the door we made our way to the Indian Baths up at the Resort and then moved to a favourite location of mine, historic Geary House.  Aidan, in particular (OK, along with puppy, Jasper!), was ready to hike and explore and the shoot was a joy and frolicked along nicely… doggie, particularly with the promise of cinnamon buns at the coffee shop to follow!!  I know I’m game for just about anything if it includes GI-NORMOUS cinnamon buns!!

And sooo-ooo… the lovely, and so-very-photogenic, McCormacks!

mccormack (2 of 18)

mccormack (1 of 18)

mccormack (3 of 18)

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mccormack (5 of 18)

mccormack -19

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mccormack (223 of 244)

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I get the pleasure of shooting Sophia and Jason this Saturday for their wedding up at one of the most tranquil and beauteous places on earth

In the meantime however, we met at the beach in the days leading up to their nuptials, to go over the details and get us all used to working with each other.  Well, they couldn’t have made it any easier, quite honestly, and I so look forward to playing a role in their day coming together on Saturday….





















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Heather and James are getting married next year.  In March.  I’d met them only once before this, over coffee at the Kicking Horse Cafe.  That was earlier this summer and we’ve been trying to arrange a time that works for both of us since to meet for this engagement/get sort of comfortable having every move documented in front of the camera shoot all summer.

Finally, with all the summer busy-ness for the most part behind us, we got together.  James’ family has a lovely place on the Columbia River here in Fairmont, so we started there.   The evening for weather wasn’t much to write home about, but it was warm and of course, a little breezy, and the Columbia meandered gently as our backdrop.  We completed the shoot up at the old Geary house.

Heather was an easy subject but James was certainly the more reticent.  This isn’t to say he was difficult… not at all… because despite his discomfort in front of the camera, he was more than cooperative.  I encouraged them first, to relax; and second, to just interact with each other… as though there wasn’t a lens in their faces.  Not an easy task, but as both eased into it and thanks to they’re easy, comfortable and  fun-loving way with each other, combined with Heather’s natural rapport with the lens, we were buoyed easily through.  It was a lot of fun and I couldn’t be more excited with what we got.

And James has been assured he only has to do this one more time…

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I was excited to do this shoot.  The Read’s are neighbourhood friends and just a lot of fun to hang out with.  Our kids are close in age and well… despite being from Calgary, the family fits in pretty nicely with the local crowd.  If not for the Alberta plates, they’d be quite indistinguishable, really.

The day started out nicely and just kind of went downhill.  By the time we met up, the sky had darkened and the winds were howling.  We were supposed to have the shoot on the lake, at the beach- the family’s home away from home… away from home- but, the conditions were just plain untenable.

So… we moved up to the protection of their tidy yard and were lucky to beat the rain.  I had no time to waste and had to reign in the sibling shenanigans between Tianna and Taylor, to get this gig underway.  Great kids that they are, they totally put their grudges aside and got down to business, going above and beyond in many cases! The same has to be said for dad, Jim, who was as agreeable as could be expected with a back thrown out from waterskiing/windsurfing/hanging out at the beach all summer!!!

So between the weather, and Jim’s back- a total sport, who totally downplayed it the whole time!- it ended up something of an abbreviated shoot.  But, hey! There’s always next year!













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