{ invermere wedding photography } invermere and fairmont, bc: anne & jason!

First off… I HAVE to give a HUGE shout-out to my close, close friend and partner Shutter Bird, Marlene Chabot, for including me in this absolutely wonderful, fabulous day!!  This wedding was so much fun and the couple… well, the couple is equally wonderful and fabulous, not to mention utterly beautiful!

Before I continue about whose really important, a quick note about the weather.  The interesting thing about Invermere wedding photography this summer has been, without doubt, the freaking crazy weather.  This day was no exception.  Bright sun; cloudy skies threatening rain and delivering thunder and lightning; crazy-ass wind; absolutely still, mosquito infested air; rain; and, back to a glorious sunny evening!  Honestly, everything short of a blizzard!

An epic day, to be sure…

Jason is a local boy, raised in Invermere.  Anne is not… she’s from Norway.  They met while travelling… and they’ve since continued their travels.  Just about everywhere!

Having met my American husband while travelling, and finding ourselves in unfamiliar territory sleeping on crowded chicken bus and in fleabags alternatively… there is nothing like travelling together to either solidify or completely tear apart the ties that potentially bind.

In their case… having been together so very long and having enjoyed so many adventures together, they are as solid and seasoned as an old married couple – maybe even more so.  This day simply sealed the deal!

Venues:  Chimney site, Invermere & Coys Par 3 Barn
Flowers:  Inspire Floral Boutique
Hair – Ladies:  Mystique Studio in Invermere
Hair – Groom:  Teresa Rogal in Invermere


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