{ family portrait photography } edgewater, bc: team tufts-godlien!



Ohmigoodness!  Handsome little Mason kept me on the RUN!!  There is nothing like a toddler to remind you just how… just how OLD you are!!  The little man was on the move, as evidenced by many of the shots captured.  But that’s life with a two-year-old!

What a gorgeous afternoon for this lovely family portrait photography session.  We went up to the family farm in Edgewater, where we could hang with the horses and the dogs and run, run, run!  The light was stunning and the family… well, what a beautiful bunch!

I love Maddy and her family and Mason is a total charmer!  It’s always such a pleasure to be able to spend time making pictures with them- pretty damned easy, really! 😉

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