{ Fairmont Hot Springs Engagement Photography } Hilary & Jason!

No joke – we froze our b*lls off!!  Hats off to Hilary and Jason for braving one of the coldest days we had over Christmas for a (rather abbreviated!!) engagement session in what was a perfect winter wonderland here in always scenic Fairmont Hot Springs.

While bitterly cold, it was so incredibly beautiful.  Magical, in fact!  It was also SO much fun working with Hilary and Jason.  Given that my photography sniffs a little of the editorial, this gorgeous couple was a terrific match for my style. In fact, I kind of figured early on into the session that Hilary must have some modelling experience, because she was just so poised and comfortable in front of the camera (big shout out to Jason for stepping up and totally meeting her half way!).  After creeping her Instagram, my suspicions were confirmed!

Her experience, and Jason’s being completely head-over-heels in love, came in handy, because the frigid weather didn’t really allow for taking the time to get clients comfortable with the lens!  We had to get it done… and FAST!

And, bottom line – SUPER pleased and excited to post this session!  Great job, Hilary & Jason!

Wishing you all the best as you embark on wedding plans and only a little green-eyed energy directed towards the lucky photog that will be photographing your big day!

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