{ destination wedding photography } grand bahia principe coba, riviera maya, mx: ally & nate!

Ohmigoodness… what a tremendous day with Ally and Eddie on the beach!

It’s not unusual for it to rain sheets in Mexico… wait five minutes and you’re back on the beach with the sun searing your backside.  But on this day, the Mexican skies had a little more they wanted to share and once the rain began, it went on, and on… and on.  Ally and Eddie’s wedding was soooooo close to being held in a tent somewhere on the grounds of the Bahia Principe.

But alas, the rain finally let up enough to get things underway on the beach as planned and it was truly perfect!  Perhaps even more satisfying given all of the antsy anticipation of the afternoon waiting to see what Mother Nature would eventually do!

And Ally was- and is- simply gorgeous!  She handled the day with such grace and was rewarded beautifully for her aplomb!

And after all’s said and done, everyone back into the chilliness of winter, the rain now simply finds its place amongst the other wonderful warm memories of this day.

Well done, favourite newlyweds, and thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of it!


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