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Waaaay back to late July… when we still had our summer, I met up with Lisa, Adam and pup, Lana to play at Tretheway Beach in Windermere.  It was HOT!  I’m not complaining, cuz’ I think that was our last stint of really hot, summer-y weather.

But, as is often the case in the heat of summer, with the sun so high for so long each day, we photogs drag our clients from the loveliness of the water and the beach into to shade.

And the shade is dreamy.  A beautiful sheltered spot with gorgeous light where I could capture this couple, so at ease with one another and so completely and wonderfully free expressing how much they dig each other!

And what is up with Adam’s smile – how cute is he?!?!  During the editing of this session it just seemed every frame that included Adam, he was smiling. If he’s not kissing Lisa, he’s smiling at her.  He has the best smile… and clearly, she’s doing something right!

This was a pleasure of a shoot and these two just made my job SO easy!

And I look forward to making more beautiful pictures with Lisa and Adam on their wedding day next summer.

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tracy connery nipika resort wedding photography


What is there to say about Nipika Mountain Resort that can’t just be more simply conveyed through pictures!

Outstanding backdrops in all directions… truly.

And the same can be said for the lovely Laura and her handsome Adrian.  So darned gorgeous, even more-so together and it’s evident in these photographs how much they love each other.  It’s a serene and peaceful, in-love, glow!

They were a joy to work with right from the get-go, with their engagement session earlier this summer being another fun outing with the camera and the two of them.

Venue: Nipika Mountain Resort

Catering: Nipika Mountain Resort

Flowers: Inspire Floral Boutique


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As with all the weekends this summer it’s been a race against the rain!  Sometimes we win and, well… actually, we always win, because I’d rather be working around the rain than full-on-sun!

As was the case for the lovely Teira and her handsome Cassidy on their gorgeous day.  When it didn’t matter, it poured.  When it was time to get outside and make some pictures, miraculously, it all worked out beautifully.  I guess that’s what they call an omen!

Though from what I could tell, Teira, Cassidy and their lovely little man, Holden, aren’t in need of any omens to secure their future together.  This day was chock full of love, support and just the most wonderful people anywhere… so all bodes very well for this beautiful young family, indeed.

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Tracy Connery Invermere Wedding Photographer Anne and Jason

Tracy Connery Invermere Wedding Photographer Anne and Jason

Tracy Connery Invermere Wedding Photographer Anne and Jason_49Tracy Connery Invermere Wedding Photographer Anne and Jason_57Tracy Connery Invermere Wedding Photographer Anne and Jason_58Tracy Connery Invermere Wedding Photographer Anne and Jason_59Tracy Connery Invermere Wedding Photographer Anne and Jason_60Tracy Connery Invermere Wedding Photographer Anne and Jason_113Tracy Connery Invermere Wedding Photographer Anne and Jason_115Tracy Connery Invermere Wedding Photographer Anne and Jason_116

First off… I HAVE to give a HUGE shout-out to my close, close friend and partner Shutter Bird, Marlene Chabot, for including me in this absolutely wonderful, fabulous day!!  This wedding was so much fun and the couple… well, the couple is equally wonderful and fabulous, not to mention utterly beautiful!

Before I continue about whose really important, a quick note about the weather.  The interesting thing about Invermere wedding photography this summer has been, without doubt, the freaking crazy weather.  This day was no exception.  Bright sun; cloudy skies threatening rain and delivering thunder and lightning; crazy-ass wind; absolutely still, mosquito infested air; rain; and, back to a glorious sunny evening!  Honestly, everything short of a blizzard!

An epic day, to be sure…

Jason is a local boy, raised in Invermere.  Anne is not… she’s from Norway.  They met while travelling… and they’ve since continued their travels.  Just about everywhere!

Having met my American husband while travelling, and finding ourselves in unfamiliar territory sleeping on crowded chicken bus and in fleabags alternatively… there is nothing like travelling together to either solidify or completely tear apart the ties that potentially bind.

In their case… having been together so very long and having enjoyed so many adventures together, they are as solid and seasoned as an old married couple – maybe even more so.  This day simply sealed the deal!

Venues:  Chimney site, Invermere & Coys Par 3 Barn
Flowers:  Inspire Floral Boutique
Hair – Ladies:  Mystique Studio in Invermere
Hair – Groom:  Teresa Rogal in Invermere

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Laura Adrian-Tracy Connery Wedding Photographer_01

Laura Adrian-Tracy Connery Wedding PhotographerLaura Adrian-Tracy Connery Wedding Photographer_05

Laura Adrian-Tracy Connery Wedding Photographer


Laura Adrian-Tracy Connery Wedding Photographer

Laura Adrian-Tracy Connery Wedding PhotographerLaura Adrian-Tracy Connery Wedding Photographer_015

I think I’ve mentioned this before, and I guess I can’t say it enough, the pleasure with engagement photography is that it’s a tremendous ice-breaker.  This is my opportunity in a no- or, at least for the grooms, perhaps, low-stress and fun situation to get to work with the couple to allow us all to know what we can look forward to on the big day!  I get to know the couple and how they engage with each other… and they become familiar with how I work, my expectations and how we will best make pretty pictures together once the momentum of wedding day takes hold.

It’s particularly fun when I get to shoot where I haven’t before.

When Laura and Adrian suggested we shoot up near her family cottage near Golden, at the wondrous and beautiful spot that is inhabited by Columbia Wetlands Adventures along the mighty Columbia, I was so, so, SO excited!

Before I get to this friendly, gracious and lovely couple I must wax a little about how fantastic this location is….

Honestly, it is wetlands wonderland and the company has made such exceptional use of the property, integrating it into the natural surroundings yet providing exceptional access to all there is to explore, by land or water, along the river in this spectacular neck of the woods.

There are wooded trails, endless boardwalks, a scenic – and fun! – suspension bridge and a very cool boathouse and deck area overlooking the river and surrounding wetlands.

Great news for we photogs who are always excited to photograph in new and fascinating places: Columbia Wetlands Adventures is also now opening up their wonderful facility to weddings!  Which is a no-brainer as it’s a nature-lovers paradise and for those couples who want a beautiful Columbia River Wetlands experience with a touch of adventure for their big day, this is just the place to do that!

And, well, it only got better being able to photograph this beautiful couple, not only incredibly photogenic but friendly, easy-going and tremendously in love!  They were a pleasure to photograph – made my work of making beautiful pictures with them so, so easy! –  and I will look forward to working with them in a couple of weeks at another simply spectacular natural venue, Nipika!

I know I’ve said it before, but holy moly!  Best. Job. In. World.

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